Dear Fellow Tumblers,

My name is Rena Le, and this is my good-bye message.

It has a been a long journey for me on Tumblr. I have met people who inspire me with their belletristic words and their motivational aspirations. Through Tumblr, I have seen the world at its best and at its worst.

This is not the end. When one door closes, another one opens. My life on Tumblr is coming to a close, but that life has given me a chance to get my foot into the door of the real world.

I have learned how to be compassionate not just to those who deserve so much more than what the world has given them but also to those who don't.

I have learned to stop trying to be the best darn gardener out there just so my side of grass is greener than the other side's.

I have learned that Californians should not, under any circumstance, complain about the weather.

I have learned that no matter how hard life can be for me right now it could be worse and that someone else in the world has it worse than me, so they should be the ones in my prayers and not my own, egotistical self.

I have learned that you should always think at a deep, analytical level no matter how trivial the topic is and that knowledge is the most powerful weapon anyone can possess.

I have learned that you don't have to like everyone but you do have to love them.

I am leaving Tumblr not as the girl who gave up but as the girl who journeyed through this rite of passage fruitfully and ambitiously striving to be the change I want to see in the world. No matter where I go, no matter what kind of fork in the road I will face, no matter how diverged the road may be, I will live without any regrets.

Carpe diem because life is more beautiful than eyesight, space, and liberty.

Ave Atque Vale,
Rena Le